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    Our mission is to save home owners money and prevent the unnecessary removal and disposal of windows by repair of broken or faulty windows and doors, sliding patio doors, front doors and anything that can be repaired. We  fix, repair, service and replace faulty or broken parts, if it can be repaired we will repair it before replacing. The Window Wizard believe many doors and windows still have value and deserve to be repaired instead of being put into a landfill prematurely. Help yourself and our environment: look into the option of repairing before investing in a replacement door or window. Dealing with repairs at an early stage can save you money as neglecting faults can lead to more problems and expense. Improve the comfort in your home and change faulty hinges, broken hinges, draughty hinges check out our special hinge offer. We’re here to help you do just that. If you live in Dublin contact us sooner rather than later to reduce patio wheel and track ware and tear. We repair all types of windows and doors. Typical problems include fogged-up windows, broken/cracked glass, draughty windows, faulty hinges, broken door and window catches and handles, letterboxes, break-in repairs, windows stuck closed or won’t close and child safety catches. We carry out window repairs in Dublin and surrounding areas. Lucan, window repairs Celbridge, window repairs Bawnogue, window repairs Clondalkin. window repairs Blanchardstown,window repairs Castleknock, window repairs Clonsilla, window repairs Maynooth, window repairs Leixlip, window repairs Ongar, window repairs Tallaght, window repairs Crumlin. If you require a replacement window or door we can organise it.

    “Today’s homeowner is more sophisticated than ever. Never before has there been such an awareness of energy efficiency, waste prevention and global responsibility. Today, going “green” has become more of a reality than ever. When economic pressure combines with ecological concerns, homeowners find themselves in a unique position: being able to address their financial bottom line while also reducing their ecological footprint.

    For over 10 years our window wizard has been providing a way to do this. The focus has always been on preventing the unnecessary replacement of windows and doors right here in Dublin and surrounding areas. While it’s hard to quantify an actual number, the window wizard has prevented 1,000’s of doors  and window systems from being put into a local landfill. In our opinion, the only action more effective than recycling old materials is providing a way to extend those materials’ serviceable life spans. In today’s “throw away” society, our window wizard is leading the way on this mission.

    Our window wizard does all of the work right on site. We specialize in the art of saving door and window systems in homes just like yours. By repairing fogged/misted glass, screens, rollers, tracks, weather-stripping and hardware, homeowners save thousands of euro over the cost of buying new. Having windows and doors in good repair leads to lower energy consumption; thus reducing impact on the environment while also lowering utility bills. When handles are broken we can repair or replace them. Most parts that break can be repaired.

    Are you unhappy with your windows or doors? Help your bank account, help the environment and help us all make a difference by looking into saving them; not replacing them. Misted or fogged double glazes windows can be saved if caught in time but an inspection would be required. Most moving parts have a certain lifetime even if they are serviced! So any broken window handles ,locks and seals can be repaired.  Why not call to arrange an inspection that could save you money? The sooner you repair the fault the sooner you start saving money and improve your home comfort. If you need a window repair in Dublin call us!  If your door or window can’t be repaired economically then it should be replaced and we can advise you on that.