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    Moisture On Inside Window

    Moisture is a common sight on the inside pane of you double glazed window between October and March. It is even move obvious on bedroom windows. The main reasons for this is lowering temperatures outside and the use of central heating inside. Any moisture that is in the air while the heat is on caused by cooking, showers and people breathing at night while asleep will condense on the colder windows as the temperature cools down. New a-rated glass can reduce this problem and increase the insulation of your room. This moisture can cause a build up of mould around the paint work and can cause health […]

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    Draughty Windows

    Draughty Windows   Draughty windows are a common occurrence in many home. The main cause of draughty windows is faulty hinges; the rubber seal can also perish and allow draughts to get in. Another cause of draughty windows can be that the window opening may not be square and will drop showing a gap in the corner above the handle. From September to March faulty hinges really show their ugly heads. Ireland is windy at the best of times so heat loss is a big problem. Noise is also a real give away if you have faulty hinges, dogs barking, […]

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