Creepy Crawlies

One of the other problems with faulty window hinges besides the lost of heat, draughts and  louder noise from traffic or dogs barking from outside is the unwanted creepy crawlies that make their home in the space between the window opening and window frame. At different times of the year they will enter your home and are not a nice sight at any time! The solution to resolve these problems is to replace these faulty hinges.


Window Servicing

Most people don’t realise that their PVC windows need to be serviced at least once a year. If you service them you will prolong the life of your window and will improve how they function.

If you have not serviced your windows you will eventually need new hinges, locking mechanisms and handles as the lack of servicing will lead to a break down in these components.

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It’s Cold Outside

Cold windy weather is lasting much longer this year. This is certainly the time to tend to windows and doors. Window and door adjustments will help and where required replacement hinges will make a major difference to loss of heat and general discomforts. Most windows have never been looked at since they were installed and either need a service or replacement to improve the overall heat retention of your home. Call our Window Wizard 086 1206214.

Home Security

If you are worried about the standard of your window and door security give our window wizard a call and see how you can improve or change your window and door locks. How many people have you told that you are not home……. remember uploading blogs and pictures to social media can alert burglars that you are not home while you are out on the town or away on holidays!

Save Money On Heating Bills

The first step in cutting your fuel bills is to plug as many gaps throughout your home to reduce heat loss and draughts.

Your window hinges are the biggest offender when it comes to heat loss and draughts and you have probably been living with this issue for years thinking you needed a new window! YOU DON’T all you need to do is get the hinge problem sorted by servicing or replacement. Sort your draughty windows out before the winter!

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Noisy Draughty Windows

The main reason for draughty noisy windows is faulty hinges. This is where the window opening won’t come in tight to meet the rubber seal as a result of stiff or strained hinges. The net result is that there is a gap usually on the bottom left or right corner of the window thus allowing draughts and noise (you hear talking, dogs barking or louder than usual traffic noise). Apart from noise and draughts you are loosing heat and you heating system will have to work harder and longer to maintain your set temperature which will cost you more to run.

Call our window wizard to get it sorted.

January Blues

January can be one of the coldest months of the year. In Ireland we get more than our fair share of windy days and if your windows are in anyway faulty this will be more obvious. Repair or replacement of hinges will noticeable reduce this. Less heat loss, draughts and noise from outside.

Warmer Home

From now until the end of March your insulation will be tested. From a window point of view the typical repairable problems are faulty hinges (bad seal between opening part of window and frame) which results in draughtys and extra noise getting in through gap around rubber seal. There is no point having A-rater or triple glazed if your hinges are faulty. Contact our Wizard on 086-1206214.

Window Seals Faulty/Hinge Broken

This time of the year can really expose window and door problems when it come to draughts and heat loss. We have been very lucky with the weather up until October this year but from now on the wind will pick up and the temperature is going to drop and that combination will have an effect on the comfort of your home.

The main cause of draughty windows (faulty window seals ) is due to your window hinge which does not close the window opening in tight against the frame. The window is partially open at the corner and wind, cold, noise and spiders can get in. Call Conor on 086 1206214 and get your windows sorted.