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    Most people who choose uPVC windows, do so because they are assured of the permanence of the material. While uPVC is a material that can never degrade even after a lifetime or two, windows made from this material are subjected to a lot of stresses and strains during their operation. This does lead to problems in their operations that may need uPVC window repairs to be carried out, so that the window or windows can continue to be used for a long time.

    Parts of uPVC Windows That May Need Maintenance/Repairs

    The window frame of a window is one part that may require repairs if it is damaged or cracked. Such damage can come from being hit by external objects, that can crack the frame or cause parts of it to fall off. Window frames can also become askew if the original fitting has not been done properly, and there is some play left between the frame and the window jamb to which it is fixed.
    A most common form of repair for uPVC windows is the replacement of the double glazed unit due to the deterioration of the sealed unit over time. While this is not any reflection on the uPVC, it can come from improper sealing, or poor fitting.
    Fittings on uPVC windows come in the form of hinges, handles, latches, locks and the like. As these are constantly being subjected to dynamic forces from the operation of the windows, these are parts that can come loose, break or get misaligned. They will then need to be repaired.

    Effecting the Repairs to Your uPVC Windows

    The replacement of fittings like locks and handles is something that can be easily carried out by a homeowner, once he or she is able to locate the right parts from various suppliers. It is best to contact the original makers of the window, as they will be able to suggest the right alternatives in case the older models are not available. Repairing these fittings may involve nothing more than removing some screws, the damaged fitting and replacing them with the new ones.
    Repairs to frames are better attempted by professional fitters. This is in case the frame needs to be removed and re-fixed, realignment of the window to the refitted frame is a job best left to experts. Poor fitting here can lead to drafts and air leakage that may be reflected in increased utility bills.
    Replacing or repairing double glazing is best left to the suppliers of such products. Depending on how quickly a problem is dealt with can be the difference between saving a lot of money.

    Replacing the entire uPVC window must be looked on only when you are considering redecorating. UPVC is material that rarely deteriorates and may never need to be replaced if the usage is proper and normal. There are a number of companies that offer service round the clock for repairs to uPVC windows, and this sort of facility is always useful if you are confronted with a problem that compromises the security and safety of your home, due of the defects in the uPVC windows

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