Door Repairs/Double doors

    Your doors are a very important part of your home in terms of comfort and security. The most common door repairs that we carry out include uPVC, Aluminium and Composite doors.

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    Most PVC doors are white, however PVC window finishes also include imitation wood-grain as well as blue, yellow and red door frames. Depending on the extent and type of damage, most of these doors can be repaired as new.

    Older aluminium doors usually come in silver, white and brown, but nowadays almost any colour including grains are available in aluminium. Again, depending on the extent and type of damage to the door, most of these doors can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Insulated panel timber doors and newer composite doors are more expensive then PVC doors and these types of door are becoming more common than PVC  doors as they enhance the appearance of most houses.

    There are many companies manufacturing, importing and installing each type of door, some more reliable than others. Most doors in a typical home get a lot of use and abuse. Generally over time your door will need minor repairs or require certain parts to be replaced to maintain its functionality and security.

    Each door is made up of most of the following parts and when all these are in good working order  your door will operate properly, these parts are the door frame, panel, glass, closing mechanism, handle, letterbox and hinges.

    Typical problems that arise that require door repairs are,

    • Door catching on frame
    • Mechanism not engaging with frame
    • Draught coming in around door
    • Replacing handles
    • Installing new mechanism
    • Changing letterbox
    • Improving safety
    • Damaged door frame after a forced entry

    The above repairs will solve the most common faults with doors and generally can be repaired by an experienced technician.  These repairs, most of which are straighforward will improve your comfort and security.

    Repairing a door defect early can save money as one fault can lead to another, making the door more expensive to repair. If you require a quote to repair a door or window please contact us.

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