Patio Door Repairs

    Patio doors of all shapes and sizes are found in most of our homes throughout Ireland.  Aluminium and uPVC patio doors are the most common types and all have similar working parts.
    A typical patio door has two sides, a closed stationary side and the opening sliding patio door side. The handle and mechanism is on the sliding door side. Opening and closing the patio sliding glass door should be an easy task when its operates correctly. The patio door when operating correctly should move easily without any real effort when you want to open it fully. The patio door wheels are located on the bottom of the sliding door, this is what gives the patio door the ability to slide.  Normally due to wear and tear and lack of maintenance, at some stage in the life of a patio door it may develop a fault.
    The most common types of faults with patio doors are, This Summer!
    • Patio door won’t slide easily. If the patio door won’t slide easily the wheels may need to be lubricated, be replaced or the entire track may need to be replaced.

    • The Door won’t engage with the receiver on frame. The wheels might need to be raised or lowered, the receiver may need to be  adjusted, the mechanism may need a service or replacement.

    • Glass is fogged/misted between panes. The glass needs to be replaced.

    • Patio door is coming off track very easily. Wheels need to be serviced or be replaced, track needs to be replaced.

    If the patio wheels where originally fitted too low the sliding door will start shaving track and will eventually wear out the track. In addition the lock may not line up with receiver so closing the patio door can be difficult or impossible without forcing it.
    Typical patio door wheels handle a lot of weight as well as getting a lot of daily use. If your sliding door is becoming more difficult to open, it is most likely that the patio door wheels that are causing the problem.
    In most cases the patio door wheels get dirty due to dirt and hair and wear out over time, making it difficult to open the patio door. It is very important to service or replace your aging or wearing wheels with quality wheels before they begin to wear out your track. Repairing or replacing the patio door track can be a lot more difficult then replacing the patio door wheels.
    All the general faults we find with patio doors are repairable, the key thing is to deal with the problem as early as possible to avoid developing a more serious problem and incurring extra costs. If your patio door has any of the above mentioned faults then call Adam and Eve or fill in our qoute form.
    If you have any of the above problems and live in Dublin 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,20,22,24 county Dublin, Leixlip, Maynooty Celbridge and many more areas contact us.