Patio Repairs


    Over the years we have perfected the art of saving troubled patio sliding doors and windows. Our repetoire includes freeing up sliding doors that are hard to move, sealing up cold and drafty sliding doors and windows, correcting cloudy glass issues, replacing locks and handles that fail to work and much much more.

     This Summer!

    It is very unlikely you are experiencing a problem we have yet to encounter. We pride ourselves on our ability to troubleshoot and solve virtually any problem related to your sliding patio doors and window systems.

    Please find below a list of common services we provide. This list is NOT all-inclusive. If you cannot find the service you require below or if there are any questions we can answer for you, please contact us at your convenience.

    Cloudy Glass Replacement

    Cloudy glass is not only very unsightly but is a source of wasted energy. Glass in this visual state is a victim of seal failure. As a result, the once trapped blanket of air or gas in between the glass panes has escaped. This affects the insulating capability of your glass, allowing heat and air conditioning to escape.

    We are able to simply replace the glass in question without having to replace the entire door or window system! This solves this problem without creating any mess or any need to paint or re finish your window or door.

    As most doors and windows are unique, please call for a FREE estimate on your particular unit.

    Patio sliding doors (and some window systems) utilise a three part mechanical assembly for both ability to move and ability to adjust to our ever-shifting homes. This assembly is typically comprised of a wheel (with ball bearings) and a lifting cam (to be used for adjustment purposes.).If either component fails you are left with the same result: a very hard to move door. This is not only inconvenient, but a potential safety hazard.

    Please call for a FREE estimate so we can diagnose what repair needs your hard to move door has.

    Track Repair and Replacement

    The ridge under your sliding patio door can become damaged through either years of normal use or being subjected to the abuse of a broken bearing assembly. Thankfully we have created several repair options to address this issue without the need for a completely new lower threshold.

    Please call for a FREE estimate on your track’s repair needs.

    Door Hardware Replacement and Repair

    Whether you are dealing with broken locks, handles that have come loose or the need for additional security; we have the answer!

    While there are literally hundreds of different lock / handle styles; we have amassed a parts inventory that guarantees proper replacements with perfect operation.

    We have also developed several “retro-fit” options for obsolete parts! Call now for a FREE estimate on your lock needs.

    We have researched and developed a custom fit process for our replacement sliding screen doors. Utilizing upgraded materials and making them on-site provides us with a product that is guaranteed to work perfectly!

    … And So Much More!

    There is neither the space on this webpage nor the time to describe in detail every single service we provide.

    If you have an issue you don’t see listed here, please call for a FREE estimate. We are happy to assist you in any way possible.