Common window and door problems

    Window and door repairs.   Get Winter Ready!

    Installation of new windows and doors is a great way to improve the appearance and comfort of your home, after making such an investment, you will want to keep them looking and working their best. While repairing/servicing is advisable most people will not carry out any at all. If you, like 90% of the population, have neglected your windows and doors to a point where they need urgent attention, do not worry because most, if not all, of these problems can be repaired by our window and door repair specialist. Just because your window is draughty does not mean you need a new one, usually all that is required are replacement hinges or an adjustment to your window opening. If you have a broken window call our window wizard and we can sort you out.  The same applies to most typical window and door problems like

    My window will not open ( window mechanism is faulty handle spins but window won’t open or won’t lock).

    My glass is fogging/misting up between panes (replace double glazed unit)

    My door catching on frame (door need adjustments)

    My door will not close or needs to be forced ( may need to be replaced/adjusted)

    My patio sliding door will not slide easily (requires service, replacement wheels, track replacement)

    My windows are draughty/breezy,

    The seals are gone in the window, the hinges need replacing


    Contact us if you require a service to any of the above problems.

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    Repairing/servicing your uPVC windows and doors falls into a number of basic areas and should be carried out once or twice a year. Cleaning frames and glass to remove dirt and grime, lubrication of hinges and locking systems to keep moving parts running smoothly, gaskets and seals – again a visual inspection to ensure the weather seals are undamaged and have not become dislodged.


    Warm soapy water or a quality glass cleaner is adequate to remove dirt from all variations of glass sealed units. To prevent scratching of the units, use a soft cloth.

    Servicing/repairing the uPVC profile should consist of a regular clean with a mild non-abrasive detergent solution. For stubborn dirt and marks, use a suitable cream cleaner. Never use abrasive cleaners on any uPVC profile.

    Conservatories and Porches: Polycarbonate and uPVC roofing may be cleaned using a mild soap solution, DO NOT use cleaning agents containing organic solvents. Ensure that gutters and drains are clear of leaves and wash the roof panels every four months with soap and water to remove grime.

    Clean the gasket regularly with a mild non-abrasive detergent. Following cleaning, check that all gaskets and seals are correctly fitted around the frame.

    Most gaskets and weather strips can be replaced without the removal of the window or sash.



    All hinges and locking points should be kept clean and clear of dirt. A quarterly application of light oil such as “WD-40” is recommended. Check the tightness of all screws and fittings. The scissor mechanism of friction hinges should be cleaned and lubricated, as should all pivot points and the moving parts of espagnolette locks.

    On patio, French and residential doors all moving areas of the lock should be oiled a few times a year. The keeps located on the frames should be given a coating of petroleum jelly or similar. The locking cams on the door can be adjusted to improve sealing. Clean and oil all external metal parts at least twice yearly. Hinges and letter plates should also be given an application of oil once a year. DO NOT lubricate the locking cylinder where the key is inserted as it is packed with special grease.

    For patio sliding doors lightly oil locking cam slots and ensure that the bottom sliding track is clean of dirt and debris. DO NOT oil or grease the actual track!

    All hardware products require maintaining at regular intervals. It is recommended that all locks and hinges are lightly lubricated after cleaning of the frames.

    For hinges make sure that all parts are clean and free of obstructions. Apply one drop of oil to each pivot and wipe away with a clean dry cloth. Clean locking mechanisms in the same way.

    If you regularly carry out cleaning and lubrication you will get many more years out of your windows and doors. Even by giving this attention your window and doors will need replacement parts, by replacing the parts and servicing them your windows and doors should go on performing for many more years. If your windows and doors are beyond economical repair then we can arrange for replacements.