Window Repairs

    As your windows age they will require some repairs or replacements from time to time to maintain ease of operation and best performance. Most windows are made from uPVC and aluminium and come in a variety of colours and styles and all suffer similar faults.
    All windows have a number of parts and components and can break down over time with normal use. Typically a window will be made up of the following parts frame, opening, glass triple, double or single, handles, mechanism, hinges, child safety catches and draught seal. Depending on the type of fault most window repairs can be repaired with minimum fuss. The heat loss resulting from a faulty windows is significant and the comfort of your home is reduced. Defective windows also have a safety and security risk that can arise due to loose or faulty handles, so it is important to inspect your windows for faults  that would prevent escape in the case of a fire.
    The most common faults relating to window repairs are, Summer is here!
    • Glass fogging /misting between the window panes
    • Broken window handles
    • Broken windows
    • Cracked windows
    • Window opening drops on one side
    • Draughty Windows
    • Mechanism broken in a closed or open position
    • Hinges not bringing window tight against frame
    • Broken window hinges
    • Any one of these components can become faulty over time or due to neglect. The “window Wizard” can repair most window faults and door repairs at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows or doors. The parts of a window that become faulty are generally the same for all windows. It is important to use high quality replacement parts (normally not used in initial installation) to prolong life of your window.

    The following most common list of window faults required the following window repairs.

    Does your window not close? Then your handle or mechanism might need replacement.

    Is your window draughty? Then your hinges or seal may need to be replaced.
    Is your double glazed window misty/ foggy between the panes? Then you may need to dry the glass out or replace it.
    All the above window defects will have a negative effect on your home security and energy efficiency of your house.
    If you have any of these problems the give Adam and Eve Windows a call or fill out our quote form.