Window Seals

    Most windows in Ireland will suffer from some kind of seal failure at some time. People have different names and descriptions as to what has failed. One thing is for certain if the seal between the opening window and the frame is not tight, draughts, noise and some unwelcome creatures can get in. CALL  086 1206214

    In over ninety % of cases the cause of draughts is due to hinge failure of some sort. Dirt can build up in the hinge along its track and prevent track from sliding. The end cap at the corner will not guide the hinge in tight against the frame and thus leave a gap that a coin could fit out. Another cause of hinge problems is when windows are left opened get caught by a gust of wind and bang against the reveal, the result is a mangled hinge and a possible smashed window pane.

    Over time the rubber around the window can perish or come out of its groove leaving gaps at corners. Some windows go out of shape and drop down on one top corner (not square). All the above problems are typical of windows over their life time and can be fixed. If you have and of these window problems call us or fill in quote form and we will get back to you.