Window Security

    Many home owners are not fully satisfied with the security hardware that comes as standard on their windows. How secure your home is can depend on how good the security of your window is. Every window offers a certain amount of security based on their design and type of hardware used in their manufacture. Typically timber and aluminium windows have a handle as their locking mechanism and uPVC have a multi point locking mechanism.

    In recent times there has been a noticeable increase in burglaries’ the time taken to gain entry is usually less than one minute. The security on some older styles of windows is poor and offers little resistance to the burglar. With the majority of burglaries a screw driver is used to prize open the window. Another method is removing the glass from windows that are not internally beaded.
    All window security can be improved by adding extra hardware to your existing windows. Adam and Eve Windows specialise in improving your window security. There are a number of products available that can improve the security of most window styles. uPVC windows have the greatest choice of extra security hardware.
    window security
    In timber windows the wood can split where the handle is screwed to the frame when it is forced. With aluminium when the window is forced the rivets can come loose. The thin aluminium frame can bend under pressure and the cock spur handle comes away.  uPVC windows can also be forced and the multi point locking mechanism can come out of the receivers on the frame. A number of extra types of hardware can be fitted to window frames like sash locks, shoot bolts and child safety latches. If you need extra security for you windows then fill in our quote form and we will contact you about increasing your window security.