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    When the temperature heats up double glazed units that are failing will show a fogging or misting between the two panes which can come and go and can leave water droplets and white stains. Apart from being ugly the energy efficiency of the window is reduced due to the amount of moisture between the panes.

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    The most common faulty window problem which can be repaired are draughty windows these are hinges that have failed, they are broken or stretched which means the seals are allowing draughts in and heat out. A sure sign of faulty hinges would be hearing a lot more noise from outside even when window is closed.

    The window won’t open or close easily. Faulty seals or seal failure can be sorted by replacing hinges. Doors also suffer from draughts as a result of age and use/misuse. Repairs are best carried out as soon as possible or before the cold windy weather. If your window is locked in an open or closed position we can repair it. Repairing your faulty window or door early could save you having to replace it! If your windows need a general service call our window wizard. Call us about our free window and door quote service, it could save you money and improve the comfort of your home.

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