Window And Door Inspection

    It is very important to check the state of your windows and doors at least once a year.  If you are not sure what to look for when checking your windows and doors then give our Window Wizard a call and get these potential faults fixed and serviced to prolong the life. We check for hinge, glass, frame and wheel problems for all PVC and aluminium. We can offer advice on a range of areas to improve the working of your windows and doors and save you money down the road. Draughty/breezy windows, seals on window are draughty, windows that won’t open or close. If your windows are fogging up between the glass the you can either replace the faulty units with the same glass or depending on the size of the window you could consider using A-rated glass where possible which is much better at heat retention. Double glazed windows usually start showing signs of seal failure around Easter or when the temperature increases. When the temperature increases the moisture between the panes vaporises and you see this as a mist that can’t be wiped off unlike the moisture on the inside pane during the winter. This usually means that there is a pin hole or hair line crack in the seal which is allowing moisture in the frame to be sucked in. If caught at an early stage there is a much better chance to restore them, if the windows have been fogged up for a long time then you will have to replace them. the window wizard will fix, repair, service or replace faulty parts. There can come a stage in the life of your window or door when they are beyond economical repair and replacement is the best option, we can organise supply and fitting of replacement windows and doors.

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